Acıbadem Hospitals Group
Ophthalmology (Eye Health & Eye Diseases)

Number of Group hospitals: 17

Number of outpatient clinics: 13

Acıbadem Group has been private healthcare services provider in Turkey, since 1991. They provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services by employing the highest calibre health care professionals, state-of-the-art medical technology, robust infrastructure and JCI accredited medical standards.

Acıbadem offers services in all branches of medicine.  Acıbadem is also a reference centre for many complex treatments that require advanced technology and experience, especially sports medicine and robotic surgery.

At Acıbadem Hospitals, which operates with a patient oriented approach, the diagnosis and treatment of the patient can be completed without requiring another centre. A second opinion and higher specialty branches, where required, can be easily accessed. Furthermore, these proceedings can be carried out in special units, without moving around in the hospital.