Pancreas Cancer

Pancreas cancer is also a notably serious and hardly cured disease. Risk of exposure to pancreas cancer is considerably higher in men compared with women. At the same time, smokers and people who use alcohol and have an irregular life have much more higher possibility of contracting pancreas cancer when compared with other people.

It is known as a sneaky disease. Its symptoms may not emerge suddenly. It is a type which is difficult to diagnose. Generally it emerges with inaccetence and malaise. Nausea and vomiting may accompany these symptoms. Another condition that may be named among pancreas cancer symptoms is hepatises. If the disease obstructs the bile duct the person contracts hepatises. Another one of the symptoms of pancreas cancer is known as hypoglycaemia.

Treatment process shows difference according to the stage of cancer which the patient is exposed to. Among the treatment methods of the pancreas cancer there are surgery, radiotherapy or Chemotherapy.