Ophthalmology (Eye Health & Eye Diseases)

Ocular Tumors

An eye examination should be performed for eye tumors if a white reflection is seen in the pupil, change of color develops in colored part of the eye(iris) and in case of reduced vision without any reason.

In addition, a biopsy should be conducted on masses growing on eyelids, frontal section of the eye in order to make a diagnosis. Cryotherapy, radiotherapy, laser or surgical treatment can be applied depending on the type, location of ocular tumors and the patient's age.

Family history is important in the case of ocular tumors.


This tumor occurs in babies and children. It manifests itself by a whitish glow through the pupil in one or both eyes. Its symptoms also include crossed eyes in the child. Treatment options include chemotherapy, enucleation (removal of the eye by surgery), radiotherapy (beam or radioactive plaque therapy), laser, cryotherapy(freezing).

Uveal Melanoma

They usually appear at the age of 55-60. It appears in the form of a visible stain on the iris or a change in the iris color of the eye. Those located at the back may cause vision impairment and floating specks. They are sometimes detected accidentally during a routine eye examination. Surgery and plaque radiotherapy can be applied during treatment.

Metastatic Tumors of the Eye

Such condition involves a tumor spreading to the eye from another organ of the body. They most commonly manifest themselves by impaired vision. The most common cancers that spread to the eye are breast cancer in women and lung cancer in men.