Ophthalmology (Eye Health & Eye Diseases)

Eye Aesthetics

Drooping of Eyelid

Drooping of the upper eyelid is called ptosis. The drooping eyelid can be seen in newborns as well as adolescents and the elderly.

Causes of ptosis are the following:

  • Problems with the nerve raising the eyelid
  • Defects in the eyelid muscle (this muscle develops less in those with congenital ptosis)
  • Aging
  • Past eye surgeries

Treatment of drooping of eyelid is by surgery.

Age-Related Changes in the Eyelid

By aging, drooping of eyebrows and eyelids, introvert or extrovert lower eyelid, bags or sunken areas and wrinkles around the eyes appear.

These changes not only appear with aging but can also be seen in younger people throughout the family.

Changes around the eyelid give the person an unhappy, tired, sleepy and an aged look.

Type of treatment is determined according to the type of problem.


The most important reason for the formation of bags is a genetic predisposition . Bags make a person look older than he really is, and tired. They are treated with removal of excess fatty tissues or changing the places they have settled in.

A Congenitally Small Eye or Congenital Absence of The Eye

Size and presence of the eye allow the development of the tissues around the eye so where the eye hasn't developed, the eye lids , soft tissues and bone framework around the eye don't reach sufficient size. Such condition is treated with surgery.