Skin cancers

Among all cancer types skin cancers are the most frequently observed ones. In order to be protected from skin cancer, what is necessary is to be protected from the sun. Extreme exposure to sun (including bronzing) is the main reason of the skin cancer.

Although it is less influential, exposure to medical and industrial X rays repeatedly, ambustion or skin diseases which recover with surviving scars, exposure to coal tar or materials containing arsenic and skin cancer in the family are among the reasons of skin cancer.

Early diagnosis is the first most important step of definite treatment. For this reason it is important for the people to make self-examination on their skin with certain intervals and if there is any change of colour or progressing moles or non-healing scars, to apply a skin doctor.

The skin-derma cancers are diagnosed by excreting and examining a section of the mass under microscope. There are many treatment methods according to the cancer type, its stage and its location. Primary treatment option is surgical intervention and transplantation of tissue taken from another area instead of the cancerous tissue. If the cancerous section has non-removable dimensions or it had spread to other organs, radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be considerable.