Thyroid Cancer

It is a cancer type that forms as the cells of the thyroid gland transform into cancer. The thyroid cancers generally form as a mass at the neck or a node in the thyroid gland. Most of the thyroid cancers disappear by surgery and radioactive iodine treatment and does not shorten the life time of the patient.

The reason of the thyroid cancer that is observed 2 folds more in women than men is not fully known. Exposure to radiation increases thyroid cancer frequency. The recent research shows that some of the genetic troubles play an important role in the thyroid cancers.

Thyroid cancer does not give symptoms in most of the patients. But mass at the neck, hoarseness, growth at the lymph glands are the most widespread symptoms. Rarely dysphasia, athetosis, heart rhythm disorder, tachycardia, extreme sweating, skin dehydration, diarreahea and intestinal obstruction may also be observed.

In all thyroid cancers the thyroid gland and surrounding lymph glands are removed with surgery. After the surgery according to the cancer type, in armoured hospital rooms high dosage radioactive iodine treatment is made. Thus killing the cancer cells surviving at other parts of the body is aimed.

In some type of cancers radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be applied after the surgery.

In order to eliminate the hormonal disorder that appears after the treatment hormone therapy is applied.