Lung cancer

Lung cancer emerges as a result of the extreme and uncontrolled increase of the cells in the lung or trachea. One of the most important factors in lung cancers is smoking cigarette and derivatives. Also exposure to asbestos and radon gas and genetic liability play important role in the formation of lung cancer.

Lung cancers do not show symptoms in the initial stage. But while the cancer progresses symptoms like coughing, blood with coughing, back pain, loss of weight, malaise, hoarseness and dyspnoea are observed.

The condition for success is related with the stage of the disease. In the initial stages of the disease surgical method is applied and it is the most effective method which has the chance of full recovery from the illness. Also in early diagnosed lung cancers the method of cryosurgery, i.e. destroying the cancerous cells by freezing may be applied. Surgical treatment may be supported with chemotherapy. In cases where the disease is advanced, chemotherapy and in some cases radiotherapy is applied. In cases where the patient has dyspnoea but it is not suitable to make operation in surgical terms, the tumour may be cleansed by bronchoscopy.