Gynaecologic Cancers (Uterus, Ovary etc.)

40% of the cancers that are observed in women are constituted by gynaecologic cancers.

In order to be protected from gynaecologic cancers that constitute cancers that are observed in cervical, uterus, ovary, vagina, vulva and tubes, it is necessary to meet a gynaecologist expert and to make tests. There is no common reason for the gynaecologic cancers and the risk factors show difference according to each cancer type.

Cervical cancer: Smoking, sexually transmittable diseases, sexual relation at early age, polygamy and low social-economic status are triggering in cervical cancers.

Uterine cancer: Fatness, history of diabetes, late menopause age, infertility and oestrogen use not in conjunction with progesterone constitute risk.

Ovarian cancer: Although a determining reason is not found out, it is thought that environmental and genetic factors like the age, familial factors, diets containing high levels of animal fat and use of powder are influential for the ovarian cancer.

The gynaecologic cancers may show both vaginal discharges which are specific to the disease and stomach ache etc. which is not specific to the disease. For this reason annual check-ups are very important in for diagnosis.

In the treatment of the gynaecologic cancers stage of the disease is very important. Surgery is the most frequently used treatment method. Surgical operations may be supported by Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy according to the cancer type.