Oral and Dental Health


An implant is an artificial tooth root made to fulfill functions of a missing tooth, which is placed into the jawbone.

  • The structural material of the implant is mostly titanium.
  • Implants made with cutting-edge technology are shaped like screws.
  • Implant is a safe method of treatment.
  • Implants are long-lasting. They were observed to remain in the mouth in a smooth way for 30 - 40 years.
  • If there is appropriate amount of bones for placing implants, the implant can be applied for a single tooth or several teeth.
  • Bone structure of the patient to whom the implant will be implemented should be wide and high enough to carry this implant. If the patient has bone deficiency, bone structure of the patient can be rendered suitable for making an implant by certain bone apposition and soft tissue grefting techniques.
  • Implants do not cause distress in terms of aesthetic appearance.
  • There is no age limit to having an implant made. However, in cases of very young age, it is required that the patient has completed puberty.
  • The implant transplantation surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia and no pain is felt.
  • The treatment process may vary according to the patient's bone structure and general condition. In very good cases, the implant surgery can be completed within 15 minutes . Also the number of implants to be applied is an important factor in determining duration of the treatment.
  • Implant treatment help the patient chew food much better and easily eat anything s/he wants.
  • In general, we recommend resting on the day of surgery and for one or two days thereafter. Mild swelling, pain and bruising may develop in surgery site.