Bladder Cancer

Bladder (urinary) is the organ which enables urine accumulation and excretion, uncontrolled growth of the cells that constitute the bladder is called bladder cancer. In bladder cancers with early diagnosis and treatment generally causes full recovery. It is generally observed frequently in between 50-70 ages and in men it is observed 3 times more than women. The disease is observed more frequently in smokers, and in workers working in paint, chemical and tire industries. Usually it is observed with blood in urine. However blood seen in urine is not an only bladder cancer specific symptom.

The definite treatment plan of bladder cancer is arranged according to the depth of the spread and degree of aggressiveness of the cancerous cells.

In bladder cancer, according to the cancer type, in order to clean the bladder from cancerous tissue and to reduce recurrence rates, a therapy of washing the inner side of the bladder with immunological or chemotherapeutic drugs as well as totally removing the bladder and placing a new bladder made from intestine instead of it in order the urine to be accumulated are used.