Colon cancer

Bowels which are named as colon, is that part of the digestive system which is 2 metres, coming after the intestine. Colon cancer which is observed with equal rates in women and men is at the third rank in terms of its observance frequency. The reason of colon cancer is not definitely known, but there are some environmental and genetic reasons that are influential in its formation. Nutrition has an important place in colon cancer; it is determined in research that animal fat consumption has an effect.

In initial stage of colon cancer, symptoms such as feeling of fullness in the stomach, a dull pain, beginning of inaccetence; loss of weight, rapid tiredness and diarrhoea or constipation emerges. These symptoms are not only colon cancer specific; but when such symptoms emerge, check-up is definitely necessary. In the coming periods, first constipation, then pain attacks start. Then tiredness, weight loss and inaccentence become clearer. Anaemia starts. If the colon is totally closed because of the cancer, the status of the patient becomes considerably serious and transition of poisonous material to blood starts.

Treatment of colon cancer is surgery. The tumourous section is removed with surgical methods. Then upper and lower parts of the excreted intestine are tied to each other. Radiotherapy is not used in colon cancer. But Chemotherapy (drug therapy) may be applied to the patients after the operation.