ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Septal deviation

Septum is the name given to a wall dividing inside of the nose into two and consisting of, cartilage and bone. This structure can lead to blockage in people in whom curvature of this structure is high or in particularly narrow regions of the nose because of its curved structure, even though such curvature is small.

This curvature often results from strokes on the nose in the past. Curvature of cartilage and bone structure may occur in anyone who has had a bleeding nose because of an accident. Babies are exposed to nasal trauma during birth.

Septal deviation can induce breathing difficulties, feeling pressure and pain on the face, nasal discharge, and recurrent sinus inflammation.

The operation made to correct septal deviation is called septoplasty and entirely performed through the nose without any skin incision. Purpose of the operation is to correct parts which are curved.