ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Concha Growth

Placed in the wall between the nose and sinuses, three bones on both sides and soft tissue covering them comprise conchas.

The most important and often the only sign of concha growth is nasal congestion. This congestion can be on one side or on both sides. The side on which the patient lies has more congestion. Other than nasal congestion, snoring, postnasal drip, sinus or allergy -related complaints may occur.

Conchas sometimes grow or shrink according to normal function of the nose. However, if they grow big enough to cause a nasal congestion, this is associated with allergy or inflammation.

Initially, drug therapy is applied to shrink conchas. Cortisone nasal sprays were found to be the most effective for this purpose. Treatment of allergy in the case of allergy-induced concha growth can help shrink concha. However, drug treatment is often not sufficient and surgery is needed.