Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Cruciate Ligament Injuries

One of the most important joints in our motion system is the knee joint. The knee joint, which is made up of three bones, allows us to stand in one side and to sit down and get up on the other. For a knee joint to be able to respond to the most difficult conditions, the bones making up the joint are connected to each other via four solid ligaments. When the joint suffers hard blows or in the case of awkward movements, bruises and tears may occur in these ligaments.

At the time of the initial tear, tenderness and swelling accompanied by severe pain may develop in the knee joint and motion becomes very difficult. In this case, motion should be avoided and the knee should be immediately fixed.

In the case of partial tears, the tear heals after a certain time as a result of necessary treatments.

Full tears cannot heal by themselves and require surgery. After surgery, the patient should immediately start a comprehensive rehabilitation program on the next day so that his knee regains its former functions and easily moves.