Dementia is one of the major health problems of the brain encountered in older adults, and its incidence increases with age.

Aging can be defined as a phenomenon where an organism gradually loses its biological efficiency. As one gets older, the majority of brain cells undergo cellular death. Along with advanced age, decline in sensory and cognitive functions such as movement, hearing, taste, memory, speech is noted.

In dementia, the following picture emerges:

  • Disorder of orientation is seen. In other words, there may be confusion in matters of time and space. E.g. a patient may confuse his room with another or fail to find his home or forget who the person he's facing is.
  • You may encounter difficulty in concentrating. The patient may experience difficulties in areas such as planning, sorting and organization to be done in daily life.
  • Common disorders are seen in memory. Problems in recent memory are more than problems in remote memory. Another problem experienced in memory is difficulty in learning new things.
  • Disruptions and deceleration appear in the flow of thoughts.
  • Imbalances in mood occur. Thoughts such as sadness and guilt may arise and chats referring to suicidal thoughts emerge.
  • Behavioral problems appear. Behaviors causing damage to the environment can be observed. Problems such as decreased attention, behaviors with aggressive attitude may also occur. Interpersonal relationship problems can be seen.
  • Personality disorders can be seen.
  • Speech disorders may occur.
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