Head Trauma

In people who have received serious head injuries, after a certain time ( such as 6 months or 1 year ) , brain cells begin to die and some functionalities of the brain can be lost.

If we consider some problems that can be caused by severe head trauma, many complaints including forgetfulness, introversion, extreme irritability, failure to find an item or place sought, sleep disorder, numbness in arms and legs and tongue numbness may occur over time. Neurological examination, examination of the head by imaging methods and neuropsychological testing help diagnose problems caused by head trauma.

Other than slow death of brain cells over time, another important problem that can be encountered as a result of head injuries is various types of brain hemorrhage. Some of these may remain silent without even causing a headache and result in sudden death. Other types of brain hemorrhage may have a course in the form of attacks of pain in the neck at the back of the head.

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