Parkinson's disease resulting from reduction in or damage to dopamine -secreting cells in the brain as one gets older causes movement disorders and involuntary movements. The disease manifests itself by shaking hands and feet, movements slowing down, muscle stiffness and difficulty with walking.

The main symptoms of Parkinson's disease are:

  • Shaking appearing in more than one part of the body,
  • Slowness of movement,
  • Reduction of facial expressions
  • Walking in small steps by leaning forward.

Parkinson's is a disorder in the elderly. Its incidence increases over the age of 60. However, it is not exactly known why it occurs.

The first treatment to be applied in Parkinson‘s is drug treatment. If the patient has given a positive response to medication, he may live a problem-free life for a long time. However, over the years, due to the progression of the disease and the development of tolerance to the drug, drugs taken in former dose and frequency become inadequate. If the disease cannot be controlled despite higher doses and more frequent administration, i.e. drug treatment gets blocked, then surgery is brought to the agenda.

There are two methods for surgical treatment of Parkinson's. If symptoms of the disease are on one side, burning technique, similar to laser, is applied. But if the symptoms are in two sides, patients can no longer get up from a seated position or in general terms, both sides have to be treated, then treatment is applied to both sides and often a brain battery is implanted.

The cells responsible for the disease and location of the surrounding anatomical structures are found by a method called ' Microelectrode Recording and Stimulation Technique ', which is used in surgical interventions and by which electrical activity of the cells in the brain can be listened. Therefore, during this procedure, the patient is kept awake and the procedure is performed while talking to the patient. Hence it will be easier to reach the problem area by measuring the patient's response. After reaching the corresponding region, burning method is applied or a brain battery is implanted.

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