It is the recording of electrical activity produced by nerve cells in the brain on paper in the form of brain waves.

The brain's normal electrical activity is disrupted in many cases, including epilepsy in particular. Information is obtained about the location and form of this disorder by evaluation of brain waves comprising EEG. EEG test is applied in the investigation of the causes of headaches in many nerve disorders, other than epilepsy and in the evaluation of brain functions.

As methods of investigation, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which were developed later than EEG, do not give information about the brain's electrical activity. EEG is the examination method that allows us to decide on the treatment especially during investigation of the causes of fainting cases, diagnosis of epilepsy and identifying types of epilepsy.

It can be performed either while sleeping or awake. Sleep helps emergence of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Where EEG taken while awake doesn't give adequate results, sleep EEG is taken.

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