2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion
Why do you need to hear a second opinion?

Very few things are black and white in medicine. If your situation is like one of the following descriptions, Seeking a second opinion from another doctor provide you with a new point of view and new information, as well as new options for the treatment of your condition.

  • If you are in treatment, but think that you did not make any progress in terms of recovery
  • If you are confused about the proposed treatment plan regarding your condition
  • If you are about to have an operation, but unsure whether the best treatment option for your condition is surgical
  • If the proposed treatment plan involves high risks

Once you apply for a second opinion, a core committee of experts composed of a radiologist, an internal diseases specialist and the staff physician relevant to your condition make an evaluation. We, as treatabroad, answer your second opinion applications within 48 hours and we also provide “second opinion service” for free

We wish you healthy days…

Treatabrorad Team
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