About Turkey

General Information
The capital city and official language of Turkey that achieved a form of democratic and secular regime with the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 is respectively Ankara and Turkish. 
Turkey that connects Europe and Asia has been a cradle of civilizations and cultures for centuries. It is a wealthy geography with multiple mountains, caves, seas, lots of natural beauties, and historical heritage passed by different civilizations lived in its bosom throughout the centuries.  

Cultural and Historical Riches
Turkey is simply an open-air museum with separate treasuries in every territory and riches in every corner from east to west and from north to South.
The heart of many empires from the Sumerians to Hittites, from Lydia to the Byzantine, from the Seljuk the Ottoman beat at the borders of Turkey.

Catalhoyuk: One of the First Residential Areas
Catalhoyuk, one of the earliest known settlements, sheds light on the history and lifestyles. Catalhoyuk settlements were used uninterruptedly for two thousand years.

The Country of Father Christmas…

If you think Father Christmas is from the North Pole, you are completely in the wrong!
Saint Nicholas, known as Father Christmas all over the world was born in Patara, an important Lycian city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Noah's Ark
According to legend, Noah's Ark is a boat which the God ordered Noah to build before the great flood for people and other living races to survive. it is believed that the boat ran aground near the Mount Ararat.

Having served as the capital city of the Roman Empire, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, Istanbul is a fascinating megalopolis with historical monuments and magnificent natural wealth.
Istanbul with more than 200 shopping malls, offers you a pleasant shopping experience with its many historic bazaars such as the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar.

Meeting Point of Religions; Tolerance Geography
Anatolia, the meeting point of all the religions which still exist today or have not been lost in time has substantial structures and heritage that carry the traces of many religious and cultures.
The route of 7 churches which are considered to be sacred in the Christianity were determined as Ephesus, Izmir, Bergama, Salihli, Philadelphia, Denizli and Akhisar and those completing this route is assumed to have completed their pilgrimage.
There are many mosques with an awe-inspiring architecture which were built especially in the period of the Ottoman Empire.
The Mevlana dervish convent in Konya welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests each year as the most powerful symbols of Sufism and tolerance monument.
Today, people belonging to various religions continue to live together with tolerance and trust in this region.

Turkish Cuisine
One of Turkey's most precious treasures is, of course, the Turkish cuisine. The historical richness of the geography has been also reflected on the Turkish cuisine and has become a magnificent world of flavor that has emerged with the blend of cuisine cultures of many civilizations throughout centuries. Thousands of special dishes that range from meat dishes, olive oil dishes, desserts to spices with marvelous presentation are waiting for you.

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