Why treatabroad ?

Treatabroad.com makes you feel at your home thanks to its service partners that are leaders in their countries and follows you at every stage of your treatment.
The biggest advantage of Treatabroad is its ability to offer a combination of multiple options. It is clear that you do not have enough resources and time to do such a comprehensive research.

  • We do investigate
  • Consider,
  • find the best quality at the most affordable price,
  • and follow your health care procedures with our partners until the time you leave the country.

Treatabroad.com in Figures
The number of patients who have received service through treatabroad.com in the last 1 year is 648.
We are proud to say that all of those 648 patients have returned to their country regaining their health.
In the last one year, we have performed 9 pediatric bone marrow, 2 adult bone marrow, 11 liver and 9 kidney transplants.

102 children were born by In Vitro Fertilization.
184 of our patients have regained their lost hair.
Our plastic surgeons have further beautified 64 women.
17 of our patients have recovered their thin body with the help of bariatric surgery.
127 patients have returned to their countries after undergoing cancer treatment.

Our Services
We give feedback to your verbal or written applications within 24 hours, determine your needs in company with you and ensure you undergo the most appropriate treatment under the best conditions.
We will be offering the following facilities when you decided upon the medical treatment.

  • Customized treatment plans
  • Chance to be treated in JCI certified hospitals which are the leader in the field of medical care and services.
  • Transfers from the airport to the hospital and from the hospital to the hotel
  • Convenient and cost-effective trip
  • Comfortable and affordable accommodation in 34 contracted hotels that will suit any budget
  • High tech medical device tracks
  • Professional medical staff
  • International high-quality services and affordable prices
  • A personal assistant who pursues all the treatment procedures with you
  • Hospital attendant or private nurse on demand 

In addition, you can contact us for all questions medical questions.
You are not charged in any way for the service you receive from our site!

Second Opinion
If you have a disease that has been diagnosed and/or a planned treatment, you can get a free second opinion from us. Your test results that you can send us using the “Second Opinion” field will be assessed by our specialized and experienced physicians and you will be provided with a feedback.

We are aware of the difficulties of receiving a health care service in a different country with a foreign culture. With the help of Treatabroad, you will feel like you are “at home” at every stage of your treatment; and receive high-quality health care services at affordable prices while experiencing a safe and stress-free medical travel.
Health care is a serious business, but treatment begins with a smile. You are in the right place for the treatment processes which will make you smile!

Our Service Partner in Turkey: ROMOY
ROMOY having its head office in Istanbul/Turkey is an international health tourism and consulting firm that offers the highest standards in medical treatments for any patients all around the world by combining the most effective treatment method with the lowest cost options.
Romoy is the guarantee for the patients of Treatabroad to have an access to safe and affordable health care services with its experienced and professional medical staff and contracted hospitals all around Turkey.

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