What is Check-up?

How about welcoming a long and healthy life for the future?

Health is the greatest wealth we will ever have. We mostly recognize this when sickness come to the fore. So, do we show attention to our health while we are in a whirl in our daily life?

Take charge of your health with regular check-ups to be held for you once a year for diagnosing the diseases at an early stage, identifying possible risks and taking precautions to reduce risks.

In modern medicine the fundamental thing is keeping the person healthy by taking precautions for diseases before they become a problem. Because with some diseases we can face irreversible consequences. Besides, the treatment process is expensive and troublesome.

Nowadays, with regular check-up programs numerous diseases as in cancer, heart and chest diseases which affect the quality of life in a negative way can be diagnosed. Early diagnosis allows treatment for a great deal of fatal diseases.

Regular check-up programs are recommended to be done at least once a year for all people with have no complaints or illnesses. The administration of this check-up programs and the contents vary considering age, gender and familial / genetic potential risk factors (medical history of cancer of the family, heart diseases, etc.).

The check-up program to be prepared to each person should also be personal since the risk factors of each individual vary.

Our Check-up Packages

We offer two Check-up packages which are prepared by using age and gender as a base. Besides, we also offer personalized Check-up packages prepared in consideration of your potential risk factors and your life-style, covering certain ages (Childhood-Menopause-Prostate, etc.) and screening familial genetic diseases following the examination of our physician.


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