What is Check-up

How about living the years ahead in good health?

Our health is our most precious treasure. We realize this most when we are sick. So, do we take care of our health as much as we take care of our job in a busy schedule?

It is in your power to diagnose your diseases in the early stage and identify potential risks and take measures to lower these risks by regular annular check-ups.

In modern medicine, it is essential to keep people healthy by taking measures before the emergence of diseases because some diseases have irreversible consequences. Moreover, treatment process is expensive and difficult.

Nowadays, many diseases which can negatively affect quality of life such as cancer, heart and lung diseases, etc. can be diagnosed in advance with regular check-up programs. Early diagnosis provides the opportunity to treat many fatal diseases.

It is recommended that everyone without any complaints or diseases undergo a check-up program on regular basis at least once a year. Time to repeat check-up and content of check up vary according to age, gender and family/genetic risk factors (cancer, heart diseases, etc in the family).

Each individual's risk factors are different so any check-up program should also be tailor-made.

Our Check-up Package

Our check-up packages are divided into 2 groups, which are packages based on either age or gender. But we also offer customized checkup programs which are prepared by considering your risk factors and life style following your examination by one of our physicians, which cover specified age periods (child-menopause-prostate, etc.) and search for familial hereditary diseases.

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