Istanbul IVF Center
Istanbul IVF Center

Overview of Private Istanbul IVF & Women Health Center
Istanbul Fertility (IVF) and Women’s Health Center is a dynamic facility specialized on IVF and infertility with 60 cheerful staff.

Istanbul IVF Center offers the patients all kinds of service concerning the treatment of infertility with an expert staff, scientific and improved infrastructure and work ethics.

The centre was founded in 2005 in Gümüşsuyu, Taksim and launched officially in February 2006. The centre is designed in such a way to respond all of patient’s needs with infrastructure, technical equipment and installations empowered with knowledge and experience of the staff. 

Although the focus of center is on the treatment of couples that are unable to have a baby, the center also offer solutions to other problems that patients may encounter concerning pregnancy and gynecological diseases.

Istanbul IVF Center  is committed to the patients’ health, happiness and hope for children. The center offers the latest advancements in medical technology, fertility treatment combined with compassionate individualized and personal care as stress-free as possible.

Treatment options
Istanbul IVF Center presents Infertility treatment for both female and male patients:

  • Ovulation follow up
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Gynecology policlinic
  • Pregnancy care
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Amniocentesis
  • Urology policlinic, TESE, TESA, MESA, PESA operations
  • Embryology & Andrology Laboratories skills

Embryology & Andrology Laboratories
Istanbul IVF Center also presents  embryology and andrology laboratory including Time-lapse system, sperm analyse and preparation technics, IMSI, ICSI, embryo freezing and thawing, blastomere biopsy for PGD/PGS, assisted hatching, blastocyte stage embryo freezing and thawing, granulosa cell co-culture succesfully by following scientific new technology with a strong team.

By using PGD/PGS technics, Istanbul IVF Center has selected the embryos, which have no genetical disorders for embryo transfer. Thus;  the center has presented to select the most healthy embryos for the patients, especially who has reccurrent miscarriages before.

Istanbul IVF Center’s thawing embryo transfer percentages are very strong and patients can absolutely rely on the laboratory team for both embryo freezing and thawing procedures.

Istanbul IVF Center uses ICSI and IMSI technics in embryology laboratory especially for the patients, who suffered from male infertility, with more than 15 years experienced embryologists.

Istanbul IVF Center also uses a new technology as time-lapse  incubator system in embryology laboratory. By using this system the patients’s embryos can be observed 24 hours without taking outside of incubator. This technology allows for continuous, uninterrupted monitoring of the embryos for up to five days.  A unique time-lapse system facilitating improved IVF treatment and effective communication through comprehensive documentation of embryo development and evolving improvements in selection for the patients’ embryos.   If patients would like to get their embryos development video, Istanbul IVF Center offers that option for the patients too.

Working principles

Istanbul IVF Center team pay maximum attention for ethical rules and keeping patients’ privacy. Knowledge sharing with the patients are very important for the team.  

Istanbul IVF Center acredited by ISO-9001 and quality is prerequisite for the patients. Istanbul IVF Center is chosen by many patients from many different countries such as Europe and Balkan states.  


Istanbul IVF Center is established at a pretty central location in Istanbul, nearby the Taksim square,  which is within walking distance to many hotels.

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