Personalized Medication Therapy with Genetics

Our genes do not just determine our physical and personality traits; our genes also determine the answers we give to treatment processes when we contract a disease.

As a result of the joint work of oncologists and geneticists in the treatment of cancer, more accurate results are obtained with personalized treatments.

Cancers that occur in different individuals have different biological characteristics. Each biological feature means different medication interactions. For this reason, the use and treatment of medications in accordance with the biological characteristics in question is of great importance in the treatment of cancer.

Advances in genetics have shown us that genes related to metabolization of medications cause medication effects to differ in each person. In short, pharmacogenetic tests determine which medication is genetically active in the person.

In summary, the biological characteristics of the cancer walk in the person and the reactions of the person to the medications genetically are analysed and personalized medication treatments are performed. In particular, it is not the Genetic testing has become standard before the use of medications in the treatment of breast, colon, lung cancers and skin cancers.

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