Knee Surgery

The knee is the joint with which we experience problems the most. The reasons for this is can be explained as that it is exposed to higher load compared to other joints, two of the longest bones in our body make a joint, and its robustness is only provided by soft tissues. Cartilage tissue damage, a tear in the meniscus, ligament rupture impair knee health, resulting in pain, swelling, snags, lock in the knee.

Areas of Interest of Knee Surgery

  • Around Knee Sports Injuries
  • Fractures Around Knee
  • Surgery for Knee Ligaments
  • Knee Cartilage Surgery , Production and Transfer of Cartilage
  • Meniscus Surgery, Repairs, Implants and Transplants
  • Knee Surface Coating Prostheses, Partial Prostheses and Total Prostheses
  • Ordination Disorders Corrective Surgery
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