Gastric Reflux Disease

Coming up of stomach contents into the esophagus is called gastric reflux disease. This condition can also be seen in smaller amounts in healthy people after meals. However, if complaints progress and affect the quality of life of a person, then you can talk about gastric reflux disease. Symptoms of Reflux Disease

The most common symptom is heartburn. Especially after meals, a burning sensation is felt upward from an upper part of the stomach.

Another common symptom is that food in the stomach comes up to the mouth.

These complaints can happen during the night and awaken the patient. In addition, difficulty in swallowing and pain with swallowing can be symptoms of reflux disease.

In reflux disease, symptoms that can be confused with symptoms of other diseases may also develop. Such symptoms may include chest pain , hoarseness , and dry cough.

Eating habits, excess weight , wearing corsets , pregnancy, certain medications, alcohol , smoking and stress can cause reflux .

Gastric Reflux Treatment
It is a chronic disease that usually continues for life. Therefore, patients with reflux should avoid conditions that increase reflux and, if possible , learn to control their symptoms using simple measures.

Where simple measures are insufficient, chewable tablets which we call antacids and syrups are useful in relieving patients' complaints. They provide instant relief , but depending on the disease, they have no impact on healing of wounds which have developed under esophagus.

Currently, the most effective medications used to treat reflux disease are drugs called proton pump inhibitors ( PPI). These drugs are usually used once a day, in the morning , half an hour before breakfast.

Nowadays surgical treatments based on tightening of the stomach entrance by laparoscopy method are also available. By this treatment, called fundoplication, complaints of heartburn and coming up of water to mouth can be prevented by up to 90%.

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